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Welcome to Stella Products! We are a Wholesale Beauty Supplier in New Zealand with a slight difference to most: 

we specialise in IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and in Salon Marketing

We have a huge experience base in both of these areas: both able to add value and profit to a beauty business. 

We also offer Marketing and Advertising Support and have a huge experience in this area.

Clear Ultrasound Conductive Gel

Formulated and made in New Zealand to strict laboratory standards, UltraLabs is available in several sizes.

This gel is the perfect conductor and cooling gel for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Radio Frequency (RF).

It is also perfectly suited to radiology or any ultrasound.

Please email if you would like a sample (postage and handling change only).

Product Details

ultrasound gel clear conductive gel

Hot Wax Suitable For All Hair Types

An Australian made Hot Wax suited to all skill levels. Jennai wax can be used as a thinly applied wax for those who want the efficiency of a fast drying 'speed wax' for experienced waxers, or as a medium thick layer for finer hairs, sensitive skins or waxers with less experience.

Suitable for terminal hairs and vellus hairs - this fabulous hot wax can be used on faces or for brazilian waxing and works really well for both. You will also find a range of consumable items for waxing on the link below.

Jennai Hot Wax is well priced and fantastic quality - email for a sample (postage and handling change only)

Product Details

hot wax for brazilians xxx

Massage Oil

Wonderful tropical scents from the Baliba range, in a number of scents and sizes - these oils will lift your massage from ordinary to AMAZING.

Available in five lovely scents!

Product Details

Massage Oils in a range of lovely scents- suitable for all spa treatments, professional quality

Top Quality Derma Rollers for Rejuvenation

Titanium Coated Derma Rollers for rejuvenation facials. Dermal Rolling or Collagen Induction Therapy is conducted by causing slight trauma to the skin. The skin's own repair processes kick in immediately following treatment.

Our single-use Derma Rollers are perfect for this profitable treatment. 

Available in 0.25mm and 0.5mm for facial rejuvenation.

Product Details

High quality titanium coated Derma Roller for rejuvenation facials

IPL and Laser Safety Eyewear

A great range of comfortable, effective IPL Safety Glasses (covering 400nm - 1200nm), IPL and Laser Eye Shields and client blockout goggles.

Our Amercian supplier has a vast range of all types of eyewear safety, so please let us know if you are looking for something not listed on this website. 

These are very high quality products. Click to view full range.

Product Details

ipl safety glasses for operator and client

Baliba Aroma Oils

New Zealand's best range of Baliba Aroma OIls - these scents will make the world of difference to your Salon's environment.

Email us if you would like to consider stocking this range - wholesale prices are available.

Product Details

baliba aroma oils