Clear Conductive Gel

Stella Products is the leading supplier of conductive gel to a range of New Zealand businesses in the medical, physical therapies and beauty industries.

  • Used for procedures where a viscous get is required such as Ultrasound, IPL & Laser treatments.
  • Perfect consistency for all treatments, non-allergenic, microbially pure, chemically neutral, water-soluble, consistent high quality.
  • Available in several convenient sizes with an additional pump top option on the largest size. Recyclable plastic containers.
  • Made in New Zealand in laboratory conditions, lab tested and batch controlled at all stages of production since 2006.

Orders over $200 are couriered free. Please feel welcome to contact us at any time during business hours on 0800 779 776 or Julie on 022 3539576.

5 Litre Pump Gel+ 5L Refill $78.26+GST 

5 Litre Pump Gel

5 Litre Conductive Gel $34.78+GST

2 Litre Conductive Gel $21.70+GST

1 Litre Conductive Gel

500ml Conductive Gel $11.38+GST

250 ml (3 Pack) Gel 

250 ml Conductive Gel $7.50+GST