Stella Products has been supplying beauty & medical supplies since 2008.

Supplying beauty & medical supplies since 2008.

Massagi Hydrating Repair Facial Massage Oil 100g


$28.00 including GST

Facial Massage Oil 100ml

Facial massage oil in 100ml glass bottle with lotion pump.

Available in a number of variants, each with different properties. Base oil is jojoba oil blended with apricot kernel oil – suitable for all skin types, but most suited to mature skin.

Essential oils are blended in to the massage base as follows, or you can select unscented:

Facial Massage Oil blends available:

  • Unscented
  • Frankincense & Lavender (cellular repair & anti aging)
  • Turmeric (lightening & pigmentation)
  • Marjoram & Ginger (micro circulation)
  • Juniper & Grapefruit (uplifting, detoxifying)

Made in New Zealand from natural oils & pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

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