Clear Conductive Gel

Stella Products is the leading supplier of conductive gel to a range of New Zealand businesses in the medical, physical therapies and beauty industries.

Our UltraLab Conductive Gel is suitable for all treatments requiring conductivity including ultrasound, Intense Pulsed Light, Radio Frequency. UltraLab conductive gel is made locally and is a much more cost effective option than imported Conductive Gels.


UltraLab Conductive Gel

UltraLab Conductive Gel is made in New Zealand. It has a perfect consistency for all treatments, it non allergenic and made to high quality specifications - suitable for all used including medical.

UltraLab Conductive Gel is made in a professional production facility with microbial tests post production and after incubation.

UltraLab Conductive Gel comes in three convenient sizes with an additional pump top option on the largest size for convenience.

We are happy to courier a 60ml sample of UltraLab Gel to you to trial, you pay only for the courier (nationwide in New Zealand).

Orders over $200 are couriered free. Please feel welcome to contact us at any time during business hours on 0800 779 776 or Julie on 022 3539576.

conductive gel in 5 litre pump top container

UltraLab Conductive Gel is available in Three Sizes

500ml and 1 Litre Squeeze bottles are handy for treatment rooms and very cost effective, while 5 Litre Pump and 5 Litre Refill offer the most cost effective option. Click on any product image to get details on ingredients, price or to add to cart and complete purchase.

Conductive Gel in 500ml squeeze bottle
Conductive Gel 1 Litre Squeeze Bottle
Conductive Gel 5 Litre Bottle