Welcome to Stella Products

This website is an online shop for beauty clinics - you can purchase directly from the site - or you are welcome contact us by phone or email during business hours. 

On this site you will find New Zealand's most cost effective Ultrasound Gel - formulated for IPL, and an Australian made hot wax that you will absolutely love (and not just for the price). We also have a great selection of IPL operator safety glasses & blockout goggles for clients

Stella Products is different to most other Wholesale Beauty Providers in two ways:

Firstly, we are are able to offer you advanced support and information should you require it on IPL. I have trained many therapists in IPL and have years of front line experience.

Secondly: I spent 9 years at the front line in the professional Beauty Salon Industry. I offer Marketing Consulting across a number of industries & have over 20 years of marketing experience, but the Beauty Industry is the one closest to my heart.

On selling our own Clinics in 2015, we are now able to focus on helping others grow their businesses and would love to talk to you about this if this is something you would consider would be helpful to your business - it's money well spent and not expensive in the long run. 

Further to branding and advertising, if improving your margin by having your own brands is something you would consider, then do contact me - I have the skills and the contacts to sort out products and branding for you! 

Give me a call on 0223539576, or an email to julie@stellaproducts.co.nz if you would like to chat further. I love this industry and would love to connect with you.

Julie x

PS - not the best photo I've ever taken, but yes, that's me on the right!

Stella Products Beauty Distributor NZ

Ultrasound Gel

Clear Conductive Gel created specifically for IPL and RF treatments

Jennai Hot Wax

The best hot wax at the best price - what's not to love!

Dermal Rollers

Titanium Coated Dermal Rollers for rejuvenation facials